Russell Szmulewitz, MD, in lab
Cancer researcher and medical oncologist Russell Szmulewitz, MD, is a leader in the Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Program.


Program Leaders: Aytekin Oto, MD, Wendy Stock, MD, and Russell Szmulewitz, MD

The Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Program is a cohesive, integrated program with a long-standing focus on drug development at all phases of clinical testing and a strong pharmacogenomics component. The program fosters interaction between basic and clinical scientists for the development of innovative and effective therapies, including image-based approaches.

Key Research Themes

  • Conduct pharmacogenomics studies to identify how an individual’s genetic make-up determines their response to drugs, including chemotherapy
  • Identify novel molecular targets for cancer therapy
  • Develop innovative cancer clinical trials and new biomarkers to predict or measure therapeutic response
  • Translate research findings into clinical application and implement new therapies, tests or tools into cancer patient care
Raanan Alter, MD
Nicholas Ankenbruck, PhD
Kirk Cahill, MD
Min Chen, PhD
Frederick Howard, MD
Alec Kacew, BA
Vishesh Kothary, MD
Jason Meier, BS
Perry Morocco, MD
Anand Patel, MD
Divya Sood, MD
Yu Tian, PhD