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News releases related to biology and medicine are posted online on the date of their embargo. Our releases are accessible to qualified journalists on EurekAlert!, an online news resource sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Newswise, a press release distribution service. We will share embargoed news releases and manuscripts on request.

UChicago Medicine News Office

The News Office is available to assist journalists and media professionals with breaking news, as well as finding expert health care sources, including physicians and researchers.

Primary media line

After normal business hours
773-753-1880; Press 8026 to page our on-call team member. We will respond as soon as we are able.

Media Requests Regarding Patient Conditions & Hospital Access

In an effort to assist journalists, the media relations team can provide patient updates in certain cases and grant limited access to medical center property.

  • We are able to release only one-word conditions for patients involved in an incident of public record. (For additional information, visit the American Hospital Association’s HIPAA Privacy Regulations Overview.)
  • We will respond to requests for the condition of a patient during normal business hours.
  • Media must provide a patient’s first and last name.
  • Information beyond a one-word status requires written authorization from the patient or legal representative.
  • We do not provide condition updates on children without written authorization from a parent or guardian.
  • Working journalists on hospital property must be escorted by a media relations representative. Please note certain streets on the Hyde Park medical campus are private property and cannot be used for live shots or standups. (Contact the media relations office to find out what streets are public.)

Media Team

Skip Hidlay, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

Lorna W.S. (Lim) Wong, Executive Director, Communications and Content Strategy

Administrative/executive issues, labor management, hospital finance, health policy and insurance, affiliations, urban and community health

Ashley Heher, Assistant Director of Media Relations

Orthopedics and sports medicine, medical education (Pritzker School of Medicine), MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, doctor-patient relations (Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence)

John Easton, Senior Science Writer/Media Relations

Cancer, heart and vascular, pulmonology, nephrology, imaging-radiology, radiation therapy, pathology, anesthesiology, biomedical and basic science, emergency medicine

Matt Wood, Senior Science Writer/Media Relations

Transplants, neurology and neuroscience/psychiatry, genetics, biology, evolution, digestive diseases, celiac disease, diabetes, burn injuries and care, health care social media, medical technology

Kat Carlton, Media Relations Specialist

Women’s health (obstetrics and gynecology), children’s health (pediatrics), Comer Children’s Hospital

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