Give to Medicine

Give to medicine

Fueling Discovery Through Philanthropy

Transformational research, patient care and education is made possible with the support of generous donors. With your help, we’re creating breakthroughs with the most advanced capabilities in science and medicine. We ask the tough questions and find the answers most important to you. Together, imagine the impact we can make.

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Thank Our Healthcare Workers

To express your appreciation and gratitude for those on the frontlines of this pandemic, submit encouraging words here or visit and use #ThousandsofDifferences to leave notes or message artwork.

A doctor with a protective mask
Donate Masks and Supplies

As more patients need treatment, our nation’s reserve of personal protective equipment and other critical medical supplies will become strained. Learn how to donate supplies or make cloth surgical masks.

Social Distancing
Practice Social Distancing

The best way to slow the spread of this disease and keep our hospitals from becoming overcrowded with patients is to spread ourselves out. Learn about how and why social distancing is a necessary sacrifice for those who can make it.

Support UChicago Medicine's COVID-19 Response Fund

Help support our dedicated healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the adult and pediatric patients and families who are affected.

Blood Donation Is the Gift of Life

A constant supply of blood is necessary for the life-saving treatments needed by many UChicago Medicine patients. Our on-site Blood Donation Center features comfortable reclining chairs, personal televisions and free snacks and drinks for donors. Call 773-702-6247 to schedule a donation appointment.