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Off-label cancer drug helps first-grader with the rare disorder RRP recover her voice

The University of Chicago Medicine is seeing "incredible" results using an off-label cancer drug to treat children with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP). One 7-year-old patient, who had 32 surgeries in five years for the condition, hasn't needed a single one since she started this treatment in May 2021.

Q&A: What parents need to know about pediatric scoliosis

With early detection and intervention, most cases of scoliosis in children and teenagers can be resolved without surgery.

Getting your period: What is a ‘normal’ menstrual cycle for teens and preteens?

Comer Children's experts Jill de Jong, MD, PhD, and Shashwati Pradhan, MD, are here to answer your questions about the teenage menstrual cycle.

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