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What parents need to know about common viruses: Colds, flu, COVID, RSV and more

Allison Bartlett, MD, MS, shares tips to help kids avoid catching colds, the flu, RSV, COVID and other seasonal viruses — plus, what to do if your child gets sick.

Neurosurgery team performs laser hemispherectomy on child with epilepsy

Doctors at Comer Children's Hospital performed a groundbreaking, minimally invasive surgery, disconnecting the right and left sides of a boy's brain to stop his seizures caused by epilepsy.

Breastfeeding the second time around

Certified lactation consultants Anna Marie Ferraro, Julie Lester and Debra Nawracaj share tips for parents who did not breastfeed their firstborn but would like to try this time with their newborn.

Bringing Research to Reality

Pediatric hospital patient playing with a truck in the playroom
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