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Neurosurgeon offers innovative treatment options for patient with rare central nervous system disorders

After several surgeries, a family turned to UChicago Medicine neurosurgeon David Frim, MD, PhD, to treat their daughter's rare central nervous system congenital anomalies.

At The Forefront Live: Childhood Cancers

UChicago Medicine pediatric oncologists James LaBelle, MD, PhD, and Jennifer McNeer, MD, discuss the advances in cancer treatments and care for teens and young adults with cancer. Plus a special visit from a patient and first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

Fetal and neonatal care team provides support through critical health challenges

Our experts provided lifesaving fetal, neonatal and surgical care for a baby girl born with Down syndrome, duodenal atresia and fetal ascites.

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Pediatric hospital patient playing with a truck in the playroom
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