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What you need to know about hysterectomy

Gynecologic surgeon Sandra Laveaux, MD, MPH, addresses common misunderstandings about hysterectomy and shares important facts to know if you're considering having one.

Off-label cancer drug helps first-grader with the rare disorder RRP recover her voice

The University of Chicago Medicine is seeing "incredible" results using an off-label cancer drug to treat children with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP). One 7-year-old patient, who had 32 surgeries in five years for the condition, hasn't needed a single one since she started this treatment in May 2021.

UChicago Medicine clinical trial leads to groundbreaking new uveal melanoma drug

A clinical trial at the University of Chicago Medicine has led to the first FDA-approved drug to treat uveal melanoma. Patient Kathy Huyser, who was part of the clinical trial, has been taking it weekly for the past four years and said the drug saved her life.

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