At the University of Chicago Medicine, we understand that sorting through and paying medical bills can be stressful and confusing, especially when you or your loved one is ill. Our patient financial services staff are here to help you navigate the financial aspects of your health care —from bill payment to financial assistance.

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Ingalls Memorial Bill Pay

Our online payment service enables you to pay patient bills quickly, securely and conveniently. You can pay all or part of your bill online. There are no fees associated with paying your bill online or on the phone. We accept: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express (excluding HPS), Discover, Debit and HSA/FSA.

Submit a payment online through our online form

If you need help understanding your bill, please reach out to our financial assistance team at 888-220-0340.

UChicago Medicine Bill Pay

You can view and pay your bill online through MyChart any time of the day or night.

If you do not yet have a MyChart account, you will need to sign up. Follow the prompts on the MyChart website for “New User.” When signing up, you will be asked to enter an activation code, which is located on your billing statement or enrollment letter. If you do not have an activation code, you can request one via MyChart. If you need help with MyChart, contact the MyChart customer support center at 844-442-4278.

Make a Payment Online

If you prefer, you can make payments through our secure online payment websites. There are no fees associated with paying your bill online.

Submit a one-time payment online.

Pay by Regular Mail

Send payment(s) to the address located on your billing statement.

Pay in Person

Payments can also be made in-person via cash, check or credit card.

Billing & Payment Questions

As a patient, it is in your best interest to know and understand your insurance plan benefits and your responsibility for any deductibles, co-insurance or co-payment amounts prior to any visit. Not all services are covered in all insurance contracts. If your insurance plan does not cover a service or procedure, you may be liable for full payment of the bill.

To find out what your insurance plan covers and what your financial obligation may be, call the Customer Service or Member Services Department of your insurance company (the phone numbers are on your insurance card). Your employer's human resources department may also be a source of information and assistance.

It is important to understand your insurance plan’s current benefit and coverage rules. Policies and coverage determinations may vary from year to year. Please be aware that our outpatient visits are billed as “hospital-based outpatient clinics” and not private doctor office visits. Some insurance plans pay different benefit levels for each type of visit. You should also check that your insurance company lists both your physician and hospital as participating providers. It is possible that only the physician or the hospital participates with your insurance plan. If you have services provided by an out-of-network provider, you may be at risk for a greater out-of-pocket financial responsibility.

If you do not see your physician and/or hospital listed as contracted with your health plan or you have any other insurance questions or concerns, contact the UChicago Medicine’s Office of Managed Care at 773-834-4730 or see our list of contracted insurance plans.

You may be eligible for financial assistance under the terms and conditions the hospital offers to qualified patients. Financial assistance includes discounts for services provided to UChicago Medicine patients who are uninsured or under insured. For more information, please contact the Hospital Financial Assistance Representative at 844-843-3594.

Please have your current insurance card with you at all times, as well as a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, military ID or government-issued ID. You are responsible to notify us of your insurance and any changes to your insurance coverage.

If your insurance company requires a referral and/or prior authorization, contact your primary care physician prior to seeing a specialist.

If your insurance company requires a referral and you do not have one, you will be responsible for full payment of your bill at the time of service, or you may not be seen for your scheduled appointment. If your specialist requires more visits or tests than your insurer approves or if the referral has expired, you must contact your primary care physician for another referral and/or prior authorization.

We ask that payments be made at the time of service so you won’t be bothered with an invoice sent to your home after your visit. It also helps us reduce our costs and saves you the trouble of mailing a payment back to UChicago Medicine.

During the course of your visit to UChicago Medicine, you may receive a variety of inpatient or outpatient services and treatment. You may receive more than one bill for each of these services or encounters. These are not duplicate bills.

One bill will be for services provided by UChicago Medicine, the others for services provided by the physician(s) involved with your care.

For inpatient care, most physician fees are billed by the University of Chicago Physicians Group. These may include physician fees not only from your primary physician, but also from consulting physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists and others who performed services for you. The bill from UChicago Medicine will include charges for the hospital room, nursing care, meals, supplies, medications and other miscellaneous items. UChicago Medicine bill may also include technical charges for X-rays and lab tests while the Physicians Group bill may include physician fees for interpreting those same tests.

For outpatient care, the University of Chicago Physicians Group bill will include physician fees associated with diagnostic testing and most outpatient procedures. The bill from UChicago Medicine will include physician fees associated with an outpatient clinic visit and other non-physician charges related to the visit and the tests and equipment used at UChicago Medicine.

For patients with health insurance, once your insurance company has been billed and has responded to us, we determine how much you may owe and bill you.

Payment will be due thirty (30) days after a bill is sent to you. If your insurance company does not pay within ninety (90) days of receiving a bill from the UChicago Medicine, you may receive a statement showing that your insurance company has not paid the bill.

Whether you have insurance coverage or not, you as the patient are ultimately responsible to make sure your bill is paid. If you receive a statement showing that your insurance company has not paid, it may be helpful for you to contact your insurance company to ask why payment has not been made.

You may pay both your University of Chicago Medicine and Physicians Group bills in person in the Outpatient Registration Office on the first floor of the Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM). The office is open for payments Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Payment can also be sent by check, money order, or accepted credit cards. Please do not send cash through the mail. To pay a bill online, please do so by credit card.