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Sonali Smith, MD, and Clayton Harris, lymphoma patient

Fueling Cancer Research and Care Through Philanthropy

Almost all of us are personally affected by cancer. In just a few short years, cancer is projected to be the No. 1 disease killing Americans of all ages. We want to stop cancer from reaching that milestone. Today, we have the tools — from genetics to immunotherapy to big data to clinical trials — and, at UChicago, the talent across a wide spectrum of expertise to bring the future near. Through the generosity of dedicated philanthropic partners, like you, our researchers are pioneering the next cancer breakthroughs and transforming patient outcomes. Together, we can answer cancer — and save lives.

Michele Le Beau, PhD, and Tom Duckworth

Family’s Partnership Drives Cancer Discoveries to Market

Baum Family Fund executives

Fund Supports Innovative Research for Advanced Breast Cancer

Strunk family

Legacy of Giving Propels Prostate Cancer Research

Supporting Cancer Research

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