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Helpful Resources for Your Cancer Journey

At the University of Chicago Medicine, everyone on our cancer team is focused on providing comprehensive, compassionate care — helping you to get well while offering support and assistance throughout your cancer journey. Our cancer intake coordinators and patient navigators coordinate appointments, including second opinions for patients in the Chicago area and beyond. We offer supportive oncology care, from cancer nutrition and mental health services, to social work and smoking cessation programs, at our main location in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, as well as in Harvey at UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial Hospital. 

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Planning Your Care

Information and patient guides to help you through your cancer journey.

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Second Opinions for Cancer Care

We welcome patients seeking second opinions for cancer care, and offer both on-site and remote second opinions.

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Guidance & Support

We offer a range of services to support you and your family during and after your cancer treatment.

DCAM, Comer and Center for Care and Discovery on UChicago Medicine main campus
Cancer Locations & Directions

Our adult and pediatric cancer experts provide care on our main campus in Hyde Park, as well as at several locations throughout Chicagoland.

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Caregiver Support

Advice and resources to help caregivers before, during and after caring for a loved one with cancer.

Genetic counselors Sarah Nielson, MS, CGC, and Feighanne Hathaway, MS, CGC
Assessing Your Risk for Cancer

We offer comprehensive cancer risk and prevention services, including genetic testing and counseling, and tailored risk reduction plans.

Convenient Locations for Cancer Care

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