Feighanne Hathaway, MS, CGC, genetic counselor
Genetic counselor Feighanne Hathaway, MS, CGC, counsels individuals and families at risk for cancer.

The Comprehensive Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic at the University of Chicago Medicine is dedicated to identifying and caring for individuals who have an increased risk of cancer due to family history, medical and genetic factors, and/or lifestyle influences. Founded in 1992, our Cancer Risk Clinic was the first in Illinois to provide comprehensive evaluation, prevention and risk reduction for people at high risk for primary or recurrent cancer.

Our genetic counselors and physicians use personal and family history as well as genetic testing to assess cancer risk of individuals and their family members. Once the risks are determined, we offer cancer screening and design a personalized risk reduction plan. Our team works closely with patients and their primary care physicians to develop strategies for following a surveillance and management plan.

Should You Consider Genetic Testing & Counseling for Cancer Risk?

Genetic testing and counseling may be helpful to you and your family if:

  • You or a close adult relative is diagnosed at a young age (younger than 50 years old)
  • You have more than one blood relative with the same type of cancer
  • You or someone in your family has more than one type of cancer
  • A male member of your family is diagnosed with breast cancer
  • You have cancer that developed in a set of paired organs (e.g. both breasts, both kidneys)
  • You are related to someone who has an inherited mutation known to cause cancer