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The University of Chicago Medicine Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Program within the Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic brings together the best minds in pancreatic disease care to focus on detecting early signs of pancreatic cancer in individuals and families who may be at risk. Patients receive the benefit of a multidisciplinary approach to care, incorporating the expertise of gastroenterologists, geneticists, interventional endoscopists and pancreatic surgeons.

Thanks to advances in genetics and improved diagnostic tools, physicians can now offer sophisticated screening services to individuals who are at risk for developing pancreatic cancer. Screening is important for these patients because pancreatic cancer often does not produce symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage, when the cancer is difficult to treat. Through close monitoring, doctors can identify early signs of cancer — and more lives may be saved through effective care when the cancer is at a treatable stage.

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Cancer Care Second Opinions

Request a second opinion from UChicago Medicine experts in cancer care.

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Participate in a Clinical Trial

UChicago Medicine pancreatic cancer experts are actively conducting clinical trials of new and promising treatments.

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Cancer Pain Management

We offer a variety of treatments to effectively manage cancer pain.