Cancer Community Outreach

Senior Fest cancer community booth

Advancing Care and Research in Our Community and Beyond

Finding new ways to detect cancer earlier and to prevent it altogether is a large part of our mission. Our experts are committed to reducing cancer’s burden in Chicago’s highly socioeconomically diverse, urban community. We strengthen links with neighboring communities with outreach and engagement that increases public awareness of advances in cancer research and encourages participation in cancer clinical trials

Office of Community Engagement and Cancer Health Equity

The OCECHE is committed to serving local communities through research, education and outreach programs.

Office of Community Engagement and Cancer Health Equity

Chicago Multiethnic Prevention and Surveillance Study

COMPASS is a study designed to understand how lifestyle, health care, environment and genetics affect health.


Institute for Population and Precision Health

The IPPH leverages advances in precision medicine to improve the ability to prevent disease, promote health and reduce health disparities in Chicago and beyond.

Institute for Population and Precision Health (IPPH)

Urban Health Initiative

The UHI is UChicago Medicine’s community health department, which administers our population health and community benefit programs.

Urban Health Initiative (UHI)

Community Benefit Report

UChicago Medicine provides an annual report of benefits and services we offer to improve health in our South Side communities.

Community Benefit Report - UChicago Medicine

Partner Organizations

The Comprehensive Cancer Center partners with UChicago, local and national organizations to further our mission to fight cancer.

Partner Organizations
What Does It Mean to Be an NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center?

An official comprehensive cancer center designation by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is the highest federal rating a cancer center can achieve. Learn what's required to earn this designation and how the UChicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center is shaping cancer care and research today and beyond.

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