UChicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center


Program Leaders: Tara Henderson, MD, MPH and Brandon Pierce, PhD

Assistant Program Leader: Loren Saulsberry, PhD

The overall goals of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program are to harness the intellectual capacity at UChicago to determine the environmental, genetic, psychological, biobehavioral, and economic factors underlying the etiology, risk, prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, and survivorship of cancer. In addition, expertise in advanced imaging techniques allows for innovative cancer risk assessment, early detection/screening and survivorship research. The majority of the program’s members are focused on local and global health disparities research, which serves as a cross-cutting theme for all programmatic goals.

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Key Research Themes

  • Improve understanding of cancer risk and prevention by identifying the genomic, behavioral (including tobacco and alcohol use), socioeconomic, and environmental determinants
  • Investigate the bio-behavioral, psychosocial, and environmental determinants of cancer-related health outcomes, including survivorship
  • Determine cost-effectiveness and economic factors related to cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship
  • Reduce local and global health disparities in cancer and other health outcomes and their modifiable determinants in the community through research and outreach efforts