Get a Digital Second Opinion from Top Physicians at UChicago Medicine

Whether you are facing a complex health issue or difficult treatment decision, getting a second opinion can help you make an informed decision about your care. With our digital second opinion service, you can receive a second opinion from UChicago Medicine experts without having to leave home.

Through our partnership with PinnacleCare VirtualConnect, you will have a care team to help you through every step of this process. The service is convenient, confidential and easy to get started.

The Benefits of Getting a Digital Second Opinion

  • You get your second opinions fast. Once we collect your records, you will get a detailed and personalized report within 7-10 business days. You and your doctor will be able to make important, next-step decisions sooner.
  • We do all the work. A coordinator will collect all of the records and medical information related to your diagnoses and send to a UChicago Medicine specialist to review your case.

Situations that would likely benefit from a virtual consultation include:

  • A new diagnosis and/or treatment plan
  • A change in treatment plan has been recommended
  • Surgery or an invasive procedure has been recommended
  • The diagnosis is unclear

How to get a remote second opinion:

  1. Sign up through PinnacleCare’s secure web platform.
  2. A coordinator will connect with you and gather medical records.
  3. A UChicago Medicine specialist will review your case.
  4. A UChicago Medicine specialist will send you a comprehensive written report about your diagnosis and treatment plan options. This may include alternatives and recommendations for future treatment.

Note: This program should not be accessed for urgent or emergency situations that require immediate medical assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Second opinions are an important aspect of your medical care. Receiving a second opinion can help you secure the right diagnosis before pursuing a treatment plan, avoid unnecessary procedures or surgeries and give you confidence that you are making fully-informed decisions about your health.
A PinnacleCare Advisor will contact you within one business day of your virtual consultation request. Your PinnacleCare Advisor will speak with you to gather your medical history and the details of your current diagnosis. Your advisor will then gather and organize all pertinent medical records on your behalf and coordinate a virtual consultation with the appropriate specialist. PinnacleCare manages the transfer of your medical records and coordinates all the details of your virtual consultation. Your PinnacleCare Advisor remains in regular contact with you throughout the virtual consultation process. After your virtual consultation, your PinnacleCare Advisor will reach out to discuss any additional questions you may have and to set up a call with a PinnacleCare Medical Director to review the virtual consultation report.
Once all background information and medical records are received, the specialist will write a virtual consultation report, which will be delivered to you by your PinnacleCare Advisor. Due to licensing and liability regulations, you will not speak with the specialist directly as a part of the virtual consultation process.
Insurance carriers typically do not reimburse for second opinions, but in certain cases some costs may be covered. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to confirm the details of your coverage.
Yes, all of your activity with PinnacleCare is strictly confidential. PinnacleCare is a HIPAA-compliant company and no personal information is shared without your consent.
Yes, virtual consultations can be coordinated for anyone, across the globe. Translation services for non-English medical records are also available for an additional fee.
Generally, the process takes 7-10 business days. In some cases, record collection or translation can delay the submission of information to the specialist. Additionally, if pathology slides need to be reviewed, the process may be lengthened.