Our Ophthalmology and Visual Science team provides medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases.

We provide a wide range of medical and surgical treatments for ocular disorders involving infants, children and adults.


Our faculty offers a full range of ophthalmic services including:

Screening and treatment for common eye diseases including cataracts and glaucoma.

We also offer glasses prescriptions.

Medical and surgical evaluation and management for corneal and external eye diseases, including corneal infections, cataract surgery, corneal cross-linking, corneal transplantation and laser vision correction procedures.

Comprehensive consultation and long-term care for glaucoma, including medical, laser and surgical treatment. Computerized optic disc nerve fiber layer and visual field analysis is available using state-of-the art diagnostics.

Evaluation of patients with vision disturbances caused by optic nerve disorders, visual changes caused by strokes, brain tumors, thyroid eye disease or orbital tumors, patients with visual field defects, involuntary eye spasms, pupillary abnormalities or double vision.

Evaluation of the eyelids and structures around the eyes; reconstructive surgery for treatment of injuries and congenital defects; and cosmetic surgery to address aging changes affecting the eyelids and face.

Neuro-ophthalmology consultation is available, as is ocular plastic surgery for external and eyelid defects.

Full range of eye care for children including screening exams, evaluation of strabismus (lazy eye), retinoblastoma and other eye tumors; and complex care and surgery.

Strabismus surgery is available for adults and children who have poor eye muscle alignment and need corrective surgery to improve eye coordination and binocular vision.

Evaluation of patients with disorders such as diabetic eye disease, age-related macular degeneration, retinal detachment, inherited retinal diseases, intraocular tumors and severe eye trauma. The latest in laser treatments, medical therapies and microsurgery of the vitreous and retina are available.

Our Retinal Imaging and Laser Treatment Center uses a computer to analyze retinal diseases in preparation for laser treatment. The vitreo-retinal center also specializes in difficult diagnostic problems including hereditary defects of the retina.

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