Heart and Vascular Care

Why Choose UChicago Medicine for Heart and Vascular Care

Explore how we’re shaping the future of cardiovascular care for adults and children. Our cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons and researchers are delivering the most advanced, most personalized treatments to more of the patients who need them most. 

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Smarter than heart disease.

From exceptional heart transplant outcomes to innovative, minimally invasive procedures, UChicago Medicine’s Heart and Vascular Center experts deliver world-class, life-saving care to patients.

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We are here to help patients and family members who will be visiting us.

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We’re proud to be among the nation’s most elite programs for heart and vascular surgery and diagnostics.

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Our heart and vascular specialists can offer expert second opinions and alternate treatment options.

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Help When Traveling from Outside the Chicago Area for Medical Care

For Logan Andrews and his family, traveling from North Carolina to Chicago for Logan's heart and liver transplant care required special assistance beyond medical expertise. The family turned to the Destination UChicago Medicine team to help scheduling appointments, arranging travel and finding accommodations. 

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