Surgery often plays an integral role in treating most childhood cancers. Whether it's removing a tumor, supporting non-surgical treatment such as chemotherapy, or performing reconstructive surgery, the pediatric surgery team at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital is involved in the comprehensive care that each child receives here.

Cancer can develop virtually anywhere in the body, from the head to the chest and abdomen to the bones. Common or rare, pediatric surgeons and other cancer specialists at Comer Children's have the experience and expertise to address them all.

Surgery's Role in Cancer Treatment

The surgeon's role varies in pediatric cancer care. Sometimes, the surgeons perform surgery and other times they don't — yet still may be involved in your child's care. At Comer Children's, all children benefit from the teamwork of various physicians, as well as other members of the pediatric cancer care team.

Here is a look at some of the common ways that pediatric surgeons may be a part of your child's cancer care:

Dedicated Care Team Supports Each Patient's Recovery

Children's cancer care is truly a team effort at Comer Children's, and pediatric surgeons are just one component of the team. There are many people focused on helping children and families challenged by pediatric cancer. These include: