Dr. Michelle Josephson with patient at DCAM.

Supporting You Through the Kidney Transplant Process

The University of Chicago Medicine's kidney transplant program is dedicated to offering the highest level of care. We continue to improve transplant medicine through our research, providing patients with access to the newest therapies and treatments.

Kidney Transplants

For people with kidney failure, this surgery typically eliminates the need for dialysis. Patients report increased energy and other positive health changes. We perform both living and deceased donor kidney transplants.

Kidney-Pancreas Transplants

For patients who have Type 1 diabetes and significant kidney disease, this operation includes a transplanted kidney and pancreas from the same deceased donor. For many diabetics with kidney failure, this procedure provides the greatest hope for a life without dialysis or insulin injections.

 Dr. Yolanda Becker, Director of the Kidney and Pancreas Program
Kidney Transplant Team

Meet our expert kidney transplant team.

Kidney transplant patient Stewart Botsford (in bed) and his donor, Justin Maduena, visit with each other in Mitchell Hospital after their surgeries two days earlier on August 18, 2016, at University of Chicago Medicine
Finding a Living Kidney Donor

Our care team is here to help through the Living Donor Champion Program.

Staff member presenting during living kidney donor champion program meeting
Kidney Transplant Process

What to expect before, during and after your kidney transplant surgery.

World's First Back-to-Back Heart-Liver-Kidney Transplants

UChicago Medicine physicians made history in December 2018 after performing two triple-organ transplants within 27 hours, replacing the failing hearts, livers and kidneys of 29-year-olds Sarah McPharlin and Daru Smith.

Kidney Transplant Evaluation Locations

Kidney Transplant Coordinators

We help our patients be as prepared as possible throughout their transplant experience. A kidney transplant coordinator works with each patient to schedule appointments and provide support before and after surgery. The transplant coordinator serves as your personal advocate and is always there to address any questions or concerns. We encourage patients to discuss questions about their treatment plan. Our team will be available to advise patients on all aspects of their care, including tests, procedures, medications, diet and lifestyle.

Why Choose UChicago Medicine for Kidney Transplantation

When you come to UChicago Medicine, you can be confident you will receive the highest level of kidney care. Each of our experienced physicians, nurses and other health care professionals is dedicated to your well-being.

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