Leaders in Heart-Liver-Kidney Transplants

At the Forefront of Transplantation

When six patients came to the University of Chicago Medicine this past year — each with failing hearts, livers and kidneys — our expert care teams embraced the challenge other hospitals shied away from, and we saved their lives through rare triple-organ transplants. We have now performed 10 of these transplants since 1999, more than any other institution in the world.

Helping Patients No Other Doctors Can Save

Dr. Valluvan Jeevanandam, the cardiac surgeon behind several historic organ transplant milestones at UChicago Medicine, is shaped by his spirituality and a relentless drive to help patients.

One Year After Triple Transplant Surgery

Read more about Sarah and Daru's transplant story
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Watch Video Read more about Sarah and Daru's transplant story

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