Family Birth Center

Mom and newborn skin-to-skin at the Family Birth Center

Your Birth Experience, Your Way

At the Family Birth Center, we offer a customized birth experience in the comfort and privacy of our nurturing environment. Our team of experts supports pregnant women and their partners and families with compassion and respect through pregnancy, childbirth, bonding, breastfeeding and healing.

Why Choose the Family Birth Center

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Obstetrician/gynecologist Abbe Kordik, MD, speaks with a pregnant patient
Nurse educator holds up an infant care demo doll in front of couples at a prenatal class
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Family Birth Center lounge at Comer Children
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Video Visits and Online Scheduling

Gynecologist Catherine Harth, MD, on a tablet screen
Schedule an OB/GYN Video Visit

For your convenience and safety, we offer secure and easy virtual visits for many of your gynecologic and obstetric needs. Our care providers can assess your symptoms, make a diagnosis, recommend treatment and send prescriptions to your pharmacy.

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Download the MyChart App

Download the MyChart app for Apple or Android devices to access your health records, communicate with your providers and schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive High-Risk Pregnancy & Neonatal Care

Dr. Sarosh Rana with a premature newborn and his parents
Distinguished Expertise in Maternal-Fetal Care

Our experts specialize in diagnosing and managing health conditions that place expectant mothers at elevated risk for potential complications during pregnancy and birth.

Fetal ultrasound expert Jacques Abramowicz, MD, pointing an image on a screen
Coordinated Care for Complex Fetal Conditions

Our Fetal and Neonatal Care Center provides personalized prenatal consultations and the highest level of specialized care for babies facing critical health challenges.

Neonatologist Bree Andrews, MD, cradling a baby boy in the NICU
Streamlined Transitions to Exceptional NICU Care

Our unique location in Comer Children's Hospital offers convenient NICU access for infants who need advanced medical care at birth.

Virtual Tour: Family Birth Center - Hyde Park

Equipped with private delivery suites, two large natural birthing suites and state-of-the-art operating rooms, the Family Birth Center was designed to optimize your comfort, safety and options as you welcome your newest loved one.