Preconception Consultation

If you're thinking about getting pregnant, it's not too early to schedule a preconception consultation with a physician or midwife. Our experts can provide guidance to help you plan and prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Preconception consultation is available at each of our Family Birth Center locations.

We offer personal health assessments, including a discussion of medical and family history for both biological parents. During your consultation, we'll also help you understand when to:

  • Stop taking birth control
  • Change medications that could be harmful during pregnancy
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins and potentially other medications or supplements based on recommendations from your health assessment
  • Stop behaviors that could harm your baby, such as drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Schedule recommended immunizations to help protect you from illness during pregnancy
  • Consider genetic testing options

Fertility Counseling

If you've experienced difficulty trying to conceive or you have a history of pregnancy loss (miscarriage), we may recommend that you see fertility specialists at the University of Chicago Medicine. Our experienced team of renowned experts has helped countless families overcome male and female fertility challenges.

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