Childbirth is a distinctly unique experience for every woman, newborn and family. Even in the most optimal circumstances, there are some parts of the experience that can be controlled to a certain extent, while other factors simply cannot be predicted or controlled. And, that's okay.

At our Family Birth Center, we work hard to:

  • Help you fully understand your options, including potential alternatives
  • Understand your medical and environmental preferences in pain management, labor support, birthing options and postpartum care
  • Create a healthy and nurturing environment that optimally supports your customized childbirth experience

Do I Need a Birth Plan?

As you prepare to give birth, certain preferences may be more — or less — important to you. Whether or not you choose to document your preferences in a birth plan is your choice. If you decide to do so, we are happy to discuss it with you and offer guidance. If you prefer not to, that's okay, too. Either way, our team is here to support you.

Our goal is to customize your childbirth experience. With or without a birth plan, our team will do everything possible to understand and support the healthy childbirth experience you envision for your family. 

Things to Consider for Your Childbirth Experience

Most importantly, we encourage you to discuss your questions, preferences and concerns with your obstetrician, midwife or both. With open communication, our team will be prepared to uphold your expectations as best we can in terms of:

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