It's common to experience some level of pain or discomfort during labor and delivery. The intensity can vary significantly from person to person, and even from birth to birth. The good news is that your pain does not have to be unbearable.

At the Family Birth Center, we offer a range of pain management options to accommodate your health needs and preferences. Our priorities are to honor what's important to you, and most of all — what's safe for you and your baby.

Natural Labor Pain Management Techniques

Our team offers several natural and low intervention pain management options. If it's safe for you and your baby, you may even choose not to take pain medication at all.

Anesthesia for Labor Pain Management

Our anesthesiology experts are available to administer pain medication as needed or requested 24 hours a day, with advanced expertise in epidural labor pain relief.

Considering Your Pain Management Options

There are no standard pain management plans at the Family Birth Center. Our team will create a pain management strategy for you based on your health, your baby's health and your preferences.

Questions to consider and discuss with your doctor or midwife when thinking about your pain management options include:

  • Which pain management options would be healthiest for my baby and me?
  • Would I prefer to avoid or minimize medication during childbirth, if possible?
  • Under what circumstances would I choose to take pain medication during labor and delivery?
  • Are there certain types of pain management that I'm more or less willing to use?

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