The bonding experience starts as soon as possible for parents and newborns at the Family Birth Center. We routinely follow evidence-based baby bonding practices.

Routine Practices During Your First Moments with Your Newborn

We encourage skin-to-skin with both parents after vaginal and cesarean deliveries (C-sections) — even with delayed cord clamping

Keeping parents and baby together during your hospital stay helps you all get to know each other and start enjoying your first memorable moments together sooner. Rooming in also promotes breastfeeding and allows our specialists ample opportunities to support you with education and guidance as needed.

We encourage breastfeeding within one hour of birth whenever possible — even after some C-sections.

What if immediate bonding isn't possible for my family?

Under certain circumstances, there may be concern that bonding could interfere with care for mother or baby. In these cases, it's okay to delay bonding practices until the first safe opportunity.

With separation between birth and bonding, some parents may experience feelings of guilt — or "baby bonding blues." While immediate bonding is a priority, safety is always our highest priority. Be assured that any delay in bonding will only occur with your family's overall best interest in mind.