As a partner in Family Connects Chicago, the Family Birth Center now offers in-home nurse visits for newborns and families. Through this program, Chicago families receive a visit from a registered nurse about three weeks after their newborn's birth. This visit offers benefits for newborns and parents, as well as other family members and caregivers.

There is no cost for the family.

We understand that when you bring your baby home, it’s a special and exciting time but may also involve some stressful or overwhelming moments. Our goal is to help make this transition as smooth as possible for you, your baby and your entire family.

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CDPH Family Connects Program

WGN speaks with our team about Family Connects Chicago 

Who Can Participate

Family Birth Center parents (including birth parents, foster parents and adoptive parents) who live in the city of Chicago

How Our Nurses Can Help

Our registered nurses are specially trained to provide expert guidance and answer your questions in the comfort of your own home. We’ll also help you connect with community resources and services based on your personal and family needs.

For newborns:

  • Infant wellness check
  • Weight check
  • Safe sleep education
  • Support for feeding and fussiness
  • Support for bathing, diapering and swaddling

For parents:

  • Postpartum health check
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Family planning advice
  • Postpartum depression screening

For the whole family:

  • Scheduling doctor’s appointments
  • Understanding childcare options
  • Sharing early literacy information
  • Making community connections

How to Enroll

Email us at:

Or call:

Monique Rudolph



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