FNCC stands for our Fetal and Neonatal Care Center. This is a fetal center that we decided to build probably about 3 or 4 years ago. We felt that there was a real need for patients who live on either the South side of Chicago or in Northwest Indiana, that they really needed a place that they could come and get their prenatal care when they have a fetus with a special issue.

As soon as the family gets some news that something might be abnormal, we are either at the bedside while the provider talks through it. Or we're immediately on the phone with the patient who's been referred from an outside provider to our fetal center and talking them through every step of the way.
We have a specialty procedure scheduler for fetal and neonatal care center. So getting you the right appointment, collaborating with the genetic counselors, the sonographers, the entire multidisciplinary team that works with the fetal center to prepare for those next steps.

The role of the genetic counselor in the FNCC is to review a patient's medical and family history. Prenatal genetic testing can help provide important information in terms of if there is a genetic syndrome with other findings we might expect for the baby. It can provide reassurance if results are normal. And it can provide the care team with important information on what to expect from the baby when the baby is born.

We take care of pregnancies that are complicated by abnormal ultrasounds or genetic concerns with the fetus. And my job on the OB side is to guide them through the rest of the pregnancy as far as how they'll be monitored, when to deliver, and make sure that we can ensure best outcomes for both the pregnant patient and for the baby.

When families are expecting babies who we anticipate will have high risk or complex medical needs following delivery, we often meet as a multidisciplinary care team with the neonatologists, the obstetricians, and specific pediatric subspecialists who we anticipate will be involved in the care of the newborn following delivery. While babies are being cared for within the NICU, we focus on family-centered rounds so that families of babies in the NICU can feel like they are truly a part of the care team and part of the daily decisions that are being made for their little ones.

I want the patients to feel supported. A lot of what we do and whether it's an ultrasound or in the visits or in genetic counseling, trying to find out what's important to the patient, and really trying to focus on that, and really trying to get the patient to where they want to be and what's right for them and for their family.



At the University of Chicago Fetal and Neonatal Care Center, our team of experts specializes in leading diagnostic techniques and treatments for complex fetal disorders. Our multidisciplinary team will evaluate and diagnose complex fetal conditions, counsel you about your options, and provide a management plan including medical and surgical options. Our approach is grounded in a longstanding tradition of pioneering clinical care and scientific research breakthroughs involving obstetrics and pediatric specialists including pediatric surgeons and neonatologists.

Highest Level of Complex Fetal & Newborn Care

When the baby you're carrying faces critical health challenges, we understand that nothing matters more to you than finding exceptional care to evaluate and manage these complex findings.

We offer:

  • A dedicated coordinator to streamline appointments and communication with your care team
  • Important evaluations and procedures conveniently scheduled on the same day as your first appointment
  • A team of pediatric experts — including surgeons and other specialists — collaborating on a personalized care plan specific to your baby's diagnosis
  • Exceptional high-risk prenatal care close to home, including office locations in greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  • Specialized NICU care after the delivery of your baby

We recognize how stressful a pregnancy journey can be — particularly, when uncertainty is involved. At the Fetal and Neonatal Care Center, our team provides personalized attention to ensure that you understand your care plan every step along the way.

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Why Choose Us for Your Baby's Care

We partner the latest innovative treatments for complex fetal conditions with our long-standing mission to provide the most personalized, compassionate care. We’re ready to help you and your baby, from the day you begin your diagnostic tests to the day you deliver — and beyond.

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Specialized Pediatric Surgical Evaluation & Expertise

All of our pediatric surgical specialists are available under the same roof, making them conveniently accessible for rapid consultations or emergencies.

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