Our interdisciplinary CCM care team is led by neurosurgeon Issam A. Awad, MD, director of neurovascular surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine. Awad has published extensively on CCM lesions and their consequences. He co-edited the first book on CCM. Awad is internationally recognized as today's foremost clinical and research authority on CCM. Additionally, as founding chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformations, he is an advocate for CCM patient and family education and research aimed at curing CCM.

Awad leads a team of physicians and nurses with unmatched experience and expertise in CCM management.

Contact Information

For neurovascular surgery or CCM clinical questions, and to request consultations, contact our clinical coordinator at 773-834-5210.

For hospital transfers, call 773-834-8782.

For clinical trials or research studies, contact 773-325-9839 or email ATCASH@uchospitals.edu.

For the HHT Center of Excellence clinical coordinator, contact 773-702-4347.

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