Research-Driven Care & Surgical Expertise

Our surgeons have conducted thousands of transplant surgeries, earning national and international recognition for their surgical expertise and research. They work side-by-side with specially trained transplant nephrologists, endocrinologists, infectious disease specialists and nurses who provide unmatched expertise before and after a transplant.

Our team also includes a transplant pharmacist, dietitian, social worker, financial counselor and other support staff who work solely with kidney transplant patients. Each patient will have a kidney transplant coordinator to help them through the process. Spanish-speaking patients can work with a bilingual kidney transplant coordinator. 

Kidney Transplant Specialists

Kidney Transplant Care Locations

Kidney Transplant Coordinators

We help our patients be as prepared as possible throughout their transplant experience. A kidney transplant coordinator works with each patient to schedule appointments and provide support before and after surgery. The transplant coordinator serves as your personal advocate and is always there to address any questions or concerns. Spanish-speaking patients can work with a bilingual transplant coordinator.

We encourage patients to discuss questions about their treatment plan. Our team will be available to advise patients on all aspects of their care, including tests, procedures, medications, diet and lifestyle.