Fetal ultrasound expert Jacques Abramowicz, MD, and nurse reviewing an image on a screen

At the University of Chicago Fetal and Neonatal Care Center, we specialize in lowering risk and managing complications for conditions affecting fetal development.

Recognizing that no two patients are the same, we offer personalized care and superior service to help support you and your family through the unique health challenges you may experience.

Coordinating Your Family's Care Experience

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, your maternal-fetal medicine physician will assemble a dedicated team of specialists to develop a care plan for your baby. Our nurse care coordinator will ensure that you meet the right specialists at the right time and that all necessary follow-up takes place.

Fetal Imaging and Image-Guided Procedures

UChicago Medicine specialists bring together more than 150 years of collective experience of expertise in conducting and interpreting fetal anatomy ultrasounds, echocardiograms and MRIs. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the most sophisticated imaging technology capable of making definitive diagnoses of your baby’s congenital conditions.

Comprehensive Services for Complex Fetal Conditions

Specialized Pediatric Surgical Evaluation and Expertise

All of our pediatric surgical specialists are available under the same roof, making them conveniently accessible for rapid consultations or emergencies.

Meet Our Fetal and Neonatal Care Specialists

At the Fetal and Neonatal Care Center, your maternal-fetal medicine physician leads your care team in providing the best care possible for you and your baby.

We're also one of few birth centers in Illinois with a Level IV NICU just steps away, which enables us to support seamless transitions to neonatal care for babies born with the most complex and acute conditions and illnesses.

Refer a Patient: 1-844-UC-FETAL (1-844-823-3825)

Convenient Locations for Maternal-Fetal Care