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Surgical oncologist Mecker G. Moller, MD, and patient
Surgical oncologist Mecker G. Möller, MD, leads the Regional Cancer Therapies Program.

Regional therapies are cancer treatments that deliver high doses of chemotherapy, radiation or medicine directly to a specific organ or body part. They involve innovative surgical and minimally invasive approaches to limit treatment to the tumor area, which reduces harm to healthy tissue in the rest of the body. Patients usually have fewer side effects with regional therapies (sometimes called organ-directed therapies) than with treatments like intravenous (IV) chemotherapy that must travel throughout the body.

New regional therapies are especially beneficial for adults with advanced, or metastatic, cancers that have spread to organs inside the abdomen. They can also help cancer patients who may not be able to have surgery for their tumors. Treatment plans that include regional therapies are even allowing some patients who were once told their cancer was untreatable to achieve a longer life.

Regional therapies can only be given by physicians with special training and expertise, and they are only available at leading cancer centers like the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our cancer team provides a wide range of regional cancer therapies — including many that are not available at most hospitals.

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How do I Know if I’m a Candidate for Regional Therapies?

You may benefit from regional therapies if you have intra-abdominal metastases (cancer that has spread inside the abdomen) from:

You may also benefit from regional therapies if you have:

  • In-transit cutaneous or nodal metastases from malignant melanoma
  • Unresectable extremity sarcomas (meaning they cannot be removed with surgery)

Besides your type of cancer, other factors can determine if regional therapy is right for you, including:

  • Where and how quickly the cancer has spread in your body
  • Your tumor type and how likely it is to recur (return)
  • Your previous cancer treatments
  • Your overall health
  • Your treatment goals

In most cases, you can still have a regional cancer therapy if you have already had cancer surgery or another cancer treatment.


Regional Therapies Available at UChicago Medicine

At UChicago Medicine, we offer the latest regional cancer therapies for several types of cancer. Many of these options are only available at select hospitals. These treatments include:
Several interventional radiology treatments available at UChicago Medicine are also considered regional therapies. These minimally invasive treatments involve image-guided technology that allows physicians to thread tiny needles and other instruments through your blood vessels to your tumor. Some of these treatments include:

HIPEC is an aggressive, targeted surgical technique that attacks abdominal cancer with fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy.

HIPEC is an aggressive, targeted surgical technique that attacks abdominal cancer with fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy.

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