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medical oncologist Ardaman Shergill, MD, and patient in clinic
Medical oncologist Ardaman Shergill, MD, right, is an expert in treating appendix cancer.

Cancer of the appendix affects fewer than 2,000 people in the U.S. each year.  Because it is a rare type of cancer, it’s important for patients to get care from physicians who are highly experienced in treating this disease.

Guided by the latest research and advanced techniques, UChicago Medicine’s multidisciplinary appendix cancer care team works together to offer compassionate care and leading-edge treatments to patients. We are among just a few centers offering hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemoperfusion (HIPEC) for the treatment of appendix cancer.

What are the treatments for appendix cancer?

A treatment plan for appendix cancer depends on the type and stage of the tumor and the patient’s overall health. Effective treatment of appendix cancer –– which may include surgery and chemotherapy –– should be planned by a medical team experienced in the management of this type of cancer. 

In addition, our Supportive Oncology program provides holistic services to improve quality of life while undergoing treatments for appendix cancer.   

What is the prognosis for appendix cancer? 

Fortunately, many patients can be treated effectively or cured of appendix cancer. 

If the cancer does return, it may come back in the same place (called a local recurrence), nearby (regional recurrence), or in another place (distant recurrence). When the cancer relapses, your medical team at UChicago Medicine will work together to personalize your treatment plan. 

What is happening in research for appendix cancer?

The physicians and scientists at UChicago Medicine are continually exploring new techniques for the detection and treatment of cancer of the appendix. For example, we are working to develop a test that could detect appendix cancer in the blood before it is visible on scans. Our researchers are also working on advanced imaging technologies to detect cancer early. 
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HIPEC is an aggressive, targeted surgical technique that attacks abdominal cancer with fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy.

HIPEC is an aggressive, targeted surgical technique that attacks abdominal cancer with fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy.
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UChicago Medicine appendix cancer experts conduct clinical trials of new and promising treatments.

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