Limiting Your Food & Liquids

You must have an empty stomach before any procedure or surgery that uses anesthesia. If you have food or fluid in your stomach during your procedure or surgery, you could vomit. This can cause serious problems, including pneumonia and difficulty breathing.

Find and follow the food and drink instructions you received from your doctor. This will tell you when to stop eating your regular food and when to stop drinking all liquids.

Talk with your doctor about what you can and cannot eat and drink if you are diabetic or on a special diet. If you are not sure what foods or liquids you can or cannot have call the anesthesia and pain management team at 773-834-3531.

Your Personal & Skin Care Before Surgery


Do not shave near the procedure area for at least 24 hours. Shaving with a razor can irritate your skin and make it easier to get an infection.

Showering & Cleaning Your Skin

The night before a procedure or surgery you should shower or take a bath using your normal soap. If your doctor told you to use disposable wipes or a special soap, follow the instructions for Getting Your Skin Ready For Procedure/Surgery found in your Surgery Folder. Clean your skin with the wipes on the night before and the morning of your surgery. Sign the instruction form and bring it with you so that it can be placed in your medical record.


Do not use makeup, heavy lotion or hair products on the day of your procedure or surgery. Do not wear nail polish.

Teeth & Mouth

Brush your teeth in the morning on the day of your procedure or surgery.