How to Prepare for Your First Appointment

If you are thinking about having surgery, a member of our bariatric surgery team will talk with you over the phone to determine if you might be a candidate. Some of the questions they will ask you may include the following:

  • What is your age? (Surgery is only available for adults 18 and older)
  • What is your height and weight? (This will be used to calculate your BMI.)
  • Do you have any of the following health conditions:
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Diabetes
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Pseudotumor cerebri
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Urine stress incontinence
Krystal Agnew with a weight loss patient
Our weight loss specialists will help you determine if you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bariatric Surgery