[GENTLE MUSIC PLAYING] You have your baby there. And you hold it, and you are a mom. And he — he's a son. And it was beautiful, to experience that skin to skin.


We're here in our Family Birth Center with one of our expectant mothers, who is using some of our natural birthing methods during her labor course. So she broke her bag of water at home. She came in to us here. She's been walking around the unit to kind of stimulate contractions in her labor pattern.

You just relax a little bit. Your partner is there. You hug each other, stay with him and dance a little bit. It was very useful. It's a special moment.


Very good now.

Are you comfortable on the ball?

I'm comfortable. It will help more the baby.

So they are there with you when you are in labor. And then you say that OK, I need to do it, but if I don't have a team behind me, I cannot make it. But they were there. It was a fantastic team.

I think you've done a really good job of walking around, doing all of the things to kind of promote this. And I know the contractions are getting harder, so that's great.

We know that she's-- she's doing the best for us. We trust here. We say, OK, let's go with the next procedure.

I think it's best if we start a little bit of pitocin.


So the goal of the pitocin will be to get the contractions to be every two to three minutes. What questions do you have for me?

I am guessing that it will be harder and harder. Right?

It will. It will get more painful, more frequently more painful.


OK? So you do all of the things. You can continue to walk, whatever is comfortable for you.

So we're trying to mimic as much as we can of what your body would do. We don't just give you a big bunch of pitocin right away and make the contractions extremely painful, extremely close together. That's not how this works. That's not beneficial.

Dad? Do you want to cut the cord?

Right above that.

Right above the other thing? Or here?


I cut the cord.

I was overwhelmed with emotion. I wish I could hold the baby, but they had to bring him to check. So I couldn't. But I'm happy that she had this moment. I'm taking pictures. And I stopped taking pictures. Just I don't know. I was taking pictures and looking at you. But you were beautiful with the baby. And it was — I don't know. It was — It was very emotional. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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