Plastic and reconstructive surgeon David Chang, MD
David Chang, MD, is section chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery and is an internationally-known specialist in breast reconstruction and lymphedema surgery.

University of Chicago Medicine plastic and reconstructive surgeons offer the latest breast reconstruction techniques, including microsurgery to repair or reconnect tiny blood vessels and improve blood flow. This technique helps maintain form and function for patients who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

Patients may choose from several different options for breast reconstruction:

  • Oncoplastic reconstruction for breast cancer patients undergoing lumpectomy or breast conservation (where a portion of breast tissue is removed) to maintain a symmetrical and aesthetic look
  • Implant-based reconstruction for women undergoing mastectomy or surgical removal of one or both breasts
  • Autologous tissue-based reconstruction, the use of tissue from various areas of the body to reconstruct the breast

Because our experts provide the full spectrum of reconstructive options, an individualized plan for reconstruction is made based on each patient's priorities, needs and physique.

Learn more about breast reconstruction surgery (PDF)