The purpose of the Cancer Services Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is to serve in an advisory capacity and to assist in placing patients and their families as the top priority, thereby promoting care that is safe, effective, patient-centered, equitable and timely; and doing so in a manner that is consistent with UChicago Medicine’s vision, mission and values.

Cancer Services Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) group
From left to right: Marcus Paschall, Director, Ambulatory Operations for Oncology; Abby Irvine, Director, Quality and Network Integration for Oncology; and PFAC members Donald Levine, Nanciann Huening, Ann Jackson, Barbara Pearson, Renee Miles-Foster and Billy Foster.

Learn About the Cancer Services Patient & Family Advisory Council


Our mission is to provide a place where current and former patients, family members, caregivers and staff members' voices are heard, respected and valued, providing our expert specialists the opportunity to continue to provide quality health care to the community.

Our goal is to advance and improve clinical performance and best practices within the UChicago Medicine health system by implementing invaluable feedback provided by PFAC.


  • Provide ongoing feedback to cancer services that evaluates and seeks to improve patient safety, quality of care or patient service issues;
  • Support UChicago Medicine’s enterprise-wide strategy for diversity and inclusion;
  • Assist cancer services to continuously improve the safety, effectiveness, equity, timeliness and patient-focused services offered to patients and their families;
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration among patients and caregivers, and cancer service multidisciplinary teams;
  • Promote information sharing between cancer services and patients, their families, and community at-large;
  • Aid in establishing cancer services organizational priorities in response to needs; andPromote patient and family advocacy and involvement in their healthcare and wellness. 

  • The commitment to actively support the purpose of PFAC and to achieve its objectives;
  • The commitment to abide by UChicago Medicine’s Code of Conduct;
  • The commitment to regularly attend PFAC meetings;
  • Agreement to abide by all volunteer policy requirements required by UChicago Medicine to protect the health of patients, PFAC members and UChicago Medicine staff and visitors;
  • Agreement not to disclose confidential information given to members of PFAC; and
  • Willingness to actively participate in PFAC projects, committees or working groups and be responsible for accomplishing respective goals.
Term limits average between two to three years. Any member may resign at any time based on the rules and regulations of the bylaws. 
Members of the Cancer Services PFAC meet the first Thursday of every month. Members must attend nine meetings, based on a 12-month calendar, to remain in active status. 
If you are interested in potentially becoming part of this council, or want to learn more about the council please contact, or  

University of Chicago Medicine
Patient and Family Insights Department
5841 South Maryland Ave., MC 8056
Chicago, IL 60637

The Comprehensive Cancer Center Patient and Family Advisory Council consists of patients, family members current and past UChicago Medicine employees who have received care at UChicago Medicine. PFAC provides past and current patients with a forum to share insights and knowledge from the patient and family perspective. 

Members work collectively on projects that impact and benefit our patients.

Notable PFAC initiatives include:

  • Consulted in the experiential and architectural design of the new Comprehensive Cancer Center. Chicago’s first freestanding cancer center will be a 575,000-square-foot facility providing patients and the community access to the newest diagnostic innovations and leading-edge therapies.

  • Launched the infusion therapy food pantry. PFAC member, Ann W. Jackson, DPT, MPH, founded the food pantry to help provide healthy food options for patients in need.

  • Developed and trained staff to implement the Express Expert Cancer Opinion program (EECO). The program provides all newly diagnosed patients prompt 15-minute video sessions with a UChicago Medicine world renowned cancer expert – at no cost.
  • Doctors Choice feedback (“Life altering”). PFAC played an important role in expanding the usage of the program 

Other PFAC projects include:

  • Community partners for the Magnet Recognition program, bestowed upon hospitals for excellence in healthcare
  • Initiated transition to healthier snacks in patient waiting rooms
  • Advocated for the launch of a nurse navigator program 
  • Advised food service management of quality concerns and provided key recommendations 
  • Served as project consultants on the Oncology Rapid Assessment (ORAC) clinic
  • Provided input for the new patient welcome guide  
  • Participated in planning for annual survivorship day event
  • Served as a focus group resource for marketing and advertising efforts
  • Recommended changes to patient experience survey efforts for cancer patients 
  • Participated in the annual quality symposium 
  • Presented in the orientation of new employees and new leaders
Of course. We welcome feedback from all patients and families that have received care at one of our UChicago Medicine facilities. Please email our Patient Experience team at

Yes. Here is a list of additional advisory councils available at UChicago Medicine: