360 Sleep Surgery Evaluation

Our 360 sleep surgery evaluation is designed for patients who live outside the Chicagoland area and are traveling to get an in-depth evaluation in a concentrated period.

During a 360 sleep surgery evaluation, patients can expect:

  • Advanced visit preparation with a surgical team coordinator or nurse to help understand your needs and goals for the visit
  • Coordination to retrieve your past medical records
  • Possible virtual visit with the team physician in advance if determined to be necessary or requested
  • In-person evaluation and exam on campus with sleep surgeon
  • Drug induced sleep endoscopy procedure scheduled in advance
  • CT sleep evaluation of your airway and facial skeletal structures
  • Evaluation with the sleep medicine team
  • Access to research study enrollment
  • Possible home-sleep testing (disposable device) in advance of your visit
  • Follow-up virtual visit to review treatment plan and recommendations with written report sent to your home afterwards
  • For more advanced needs, visit can be customized to also include an Inspire 2nd opinion visit or Inspire Tune-Up visit

Please use the Destination UChicago Program to submit your information so our program coordinator can contact you and start helping you with your sleep problem.