UChicago Medicine is home to a thriving minimally invasive cardiac surgery program and has one of the most comprehensive range of robotic heart surgery options available. Our minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery program is internationally recognized for our surgeons’ experience, the full spectrum of procedures we offer and our innovative techniques. Using robotic devices, sophisticated thin instruments, miniature cameras and hybrid techniques, we are able to repair the heart without having to make a long incision and cut through the breastbone.

Benefits of Robotic Heart Surgery

Minimally invasive and robotic heart surgery techniques offer several advantages compared to open-chest procedures, including:

Time spent in the hospital can sometimes be reduced by as much at 50 percent, compared to open procedures.
The operation is performed without splitting the breastbone, reducing the risk of post-surgical complications and infection.
Depending upon the case, the operation may be performed through four to five dime-size incisions, or with the addition of a 2-inch incision at the side of the chest. Traditional open-heart procedures require a longer incision down the center of the chest.
Tylenol or aspirin are often enough to manage pain after hospital discharge because of decreased damage to tissue and muscle.

Rather than waiting several weeks to heal, patients can return to work or other activities much more quickly — usually within two to three weeks.

Avoiding the bypass machine decreases the risks for neurological complications and stroke.

A Wide Range of Robotic Heart Surgery Options 

Our surgical expertise spans everything from robotic coronary bypass surgery to treating arrhythmia disorders, and it is common for our surgeons to correct more than one heart problem during a minimally invasive procedure. For example, we can perform a mitral valve repair or bypass surgery without opening the chest.

Minimally invasive cardiac procedures performed regularly by UChicago Medicine surgeons include:

State-Of-The-Art Hybrid Operating Suite

Our robotic heart surgeries are performed in the Center for Care and Discovery - Hyde Park, where the surgical suites in the hospital feature sophisticated diagnostics, leading-edge medical and robotic technologies and state-of-the-art imaging capabilities. The hybrid operating rooms unite the surgical suite and the cardiac catheterization lab, enabling surgeons and interventional cardiologists to perform multiple procedures in one setting and treat more than one type of heart problem at the same time.

Why Choose Robotic Heart Surgery?

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