UChicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Personalized Cancer Care Consortium (PCCC) is a clinical research group based at The University of Chicago. The PCCC includes a network of 6 academic and community-based cancer clinics and hospitals in the Chicago Metro area, Central Illinois and Northeast Indiana. Additional ad hoc sites throughout the United States and globally participate in trials coordinated through the PCCC with approval from the UCCCC Clinical Trials Advisory Committee.


The objectives of the PCCC are to seek out clinical trials and research studies best suited for conduct in a multi-institutional setting, with the goal of creating a broad scientific portfolio engaged in the study of cancer prevention, treatment and control, quality-of-life, survivorship and cancer biology.

Benefits of Tapping the PCCC Resource

  • Patients obtain clinical trials in their own communities, with academic center support for limited-access procedures
  • Quality cancer research is conducted by community clinics in partnership with an academic research base
  • Programs in trial and site management enhance and facilitate collaborations with industry
  • Streamlined administrative, contractual and regulatory measures enable faster study activation, conduct, completion and analysis
  • Assistance with site selection, study feasibility assessments, enrollment projections and performance metrics
  • Availability of centralized data, biospecimen and image repository services
  • Structure that allows for interactions between participating sites, trial sponsors, internal and external advisory boards, and regulatory agencies
  • Access to specialist investigators for scientific discussions on product or target development


The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center hosts the headquarters for the PCCC and provides services tailored to meet the needs of investigator-initiated and sponsor-initiated research, for which either the PCCC may be the coordinating center, or for which coordination may be shared by the PCCC and the Sponsor.

Services to be provided by the headquarters, as needed for the studies, include, but are not limited to:

  • Building and broadening the PCCC scientific portfolio
  • Providing oversight of the research coordinated by the PCCC
  • Finding studies and serving as liaison between participating sites and industry
  • Providing administrative, operational, data management, statistical, biospecimen and image management and scientific support
  • Seeking government and non-government funding to support the activities of the PCCC


The PCCC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the PCCC Site Principal Investigators, the PCCC Chair, and Executive Director. The committees of the PCCC include an Operations Committee, a Scientific Advisory Committee consisting of Disease-oriented Leaders and a Data and Safety Monitoring Board, when appropriate.

Members & Contacts