UChicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center

Helping You Find Your Way

If you are facing a diagnosis of cancer, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by both your diagnosis and the complexity of the treatment plan.

UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial is making that journey easier with the help of your own Nurse Navigator – an expert on your side. UChicago Medicine Ingalls Nurse Navigators are available at:

Our Cancer Care Nurse Navigators are experienced oncology nurses, which means you won't surprise or stump them with difficult questions about your cancer or your treatment.

Your Nurse Navigator is an expert clinician and personal advocate who is your go-to person and will be at your side to help you understand your cancer and treatment plan.

It’s also reassuring to know that from the moment you enter our cancer program until your treatment is complete, there’s somebody by your side.

One of our Nurse Navigators is available to answer questions, explain test results or medications, schedule appointments, coordinate treatments … or just listen.

Your Nurse Navigator will de-mystify the treatment path, and ensure you benefit from the best, most personally appropriate care. Your UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial Cancer Care Nurse Navigator can even connect you with hospitals and expertise outside of our system. The goal is to provide the best care, wherever your path leads.

At UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial, your Nurse Navigator will:

  • Help coordinate your appointments, tests and treatments with your entire Ingalls Cancer Care team.
  • Help explain in easy-to-understand language the goals, benefits and risks of treatment choices.
  • Provide individualized support on symptom management and nutritional coaching before, during, and after treatment.
  • Participate in weekly cancer conferences with doctors and nurses to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Get connected to your very own Ingalls cancer expert now. To learn more about our Nurse Navigators, call 708-915-HOPE (4673)

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