Congratulations, New Parents!

Once your little one arrives, bring them to this class, which focuses on parent-baby bonding through soothing touch and massage. Parents will learn how to massage their babies using techniques that will:

  • Promote better sleep
  • Improve interaction
  • Decrease infant stress, crying and gas

This class series, is taught one hour a week for five weeks.  Each session includes the following topics:

Session One

  • Introductions
  • History and background of infant massage
  • Best conditions/settings for massage
  • Relaxation, positioning, behavioral states
  • Oils, lotions, and supplies needed
  • Massage routine for legs and feet

Session Two

  • Q&A on legs and feet massage
  • Discussion: Infant cues and crying
  • Tummy massage and massage for the relief of colic/gas
  • Practice integrating legs, feet, and tummy massage routine

Session Three

  • Q&A on tummy and colic/gas routine
  • Discussion: Benefits of infant massage and newborn reflexes during massage
  • Chest and arm massage routine
  • Practice integrating legs, feet, tummy, chest, and arm routine

Session Four

  • Q&A on chest and arm massage
  • Discussion: Adaptations of massage routines for the growing child
  • Face and back massage routine
  • Practice integrating legs, feet, tummy, chest, arm, face, and back massage

Session Five

  • Q&A on face and back routine
  • Review complete massage routine
  • Review key concepts
  • Teaching gentle assisted movements
  • Evaluation forms/Feedback

Registration Details

Instructor-Led Virtual Learning

This class is taught by certified infant massage therapist Dylan T. Lott, PhD, LMT.  Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with important instructions and details.

Register online to reserve your spot