Congratulations, New Parents!

Once your little one arrives, bring him or her to this free class, which focuses on parent-baby bonding through soothing touch and massage. Parents will learn how to massage their babies using techniques that will:

  • Promote better sleep
  • Improve interaction
  • Decrease infant stress, crying and gas

This class series, is taught one hour a week for five weeks.  Each session includes the following topics:

Session One

  • Introductions
  • History and background of Infant Massage
  • Best conditions/settings for massage
  • Relaxation, Positioning, Behavioral states
  • Oils, lotions, and supplies needed
  • Massage routine for Legs and feet

Session Two

  • Q/A on legs and feet massage
  • Discussion: Infant Cues and Crying
  • Tummy massage and massage for the relief of colic/gas
  • Practice integrating legs, feet, and tummy massage routine

Session Three

  • Q/A on tummy and colic/gas routine
  • Discussion: Benefits of Infant Massage and Newborn reflexes during Massage
  • Chest and arm massage routine
  • Practice integrating legs, feet, tummy, chest, and arm routine

Session Four

  • Q/A on chest and arm massage
  • Discussion: Adaptations of massage routines for the growing child
  • Face and back massage routine
  • Practice integrating legs, feet, tummy, chest, arm, face, and back massage

Session Five

  • Q/A on face and back routine
  • Review complete massage routine
  • Review key concepts
  • Teaching Gentle Assisted Movements
  • Evaluation forms/Feedback

Registration Details

Instructor-Led Virtual Learning

This free class is taught by certified infant massage therapist, Dr. Dylan T. Lott, PhD, LMT and Catherine Ney, MS, CCLS, CEIM.  Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with important instructions and details.

Register online to reserve your spot