How a personalized approach to weight loss can bring results that last

Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight can be challenging and immensely frustrating. No one should have to go through the process alone. At the University of Chicago Medicine's Center for Weight Management, our physicians and care teams work with patients to help them decide which approaches are best, taking into account many variables, including lifestyle, genetic makeup, other medical conditions and more. Whether you are looking for medical management options, such as medication and behavioral therapy, or are considering a variety of surgical or endoscopic weight loss aids, our teams will provide the education and support necessary to achieve your goals.

Which Weight Loss Approach is Right for You?

In addition to innovative and highly trained physicians, our care teams include dietitians, counselors, nurses — even a chef — to help you make sustainable, healthy life choices and overcome any barriers for as long as you need the support.

Infographic explaining medical weight loss options
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