Improving Quality of Life with Advanced Research

Our researchers are investigating the causes of amyloidosis and working to discover new ways to treat or prevent it. We are conducting a long-term study of patients with TTR amyloidosis to better understand and characterize the natural history of the disease. We aim to develop new treatment guidelines and recommendations, as well as to educate clinicians about the management of the disease. Additional research being conducted by our team includes:

  • Evaluating the use of novel drug therapies to treat amyloidosis
  • Developing new treatments for patients with advanced cardiac amyloidosis who are not candidates for transplantation
  • Gaining a better understanding of the underlying hemodynamics of cardiac amyloidosis

Our leading-edge research enables us to bring the forefront of amyloidosis care to the bedside through clinical trials. With these trials, we offer patients access to the newest treatments not yet universally available.

Learn more about the research our physician-scientists are conducting in order to improve the lives of our heart disease patients.