We keep older adults healthy, active and independent for as long as possible. With a range of specialized programs for senior citizens, including a clinic for frail elders, focused care for elderly cancer patients and cancer survivors, a dedicated memory disorders center, a fall prevention clinic and a geriatric arthritis clinic, we care for patients well into their 70s, 80s, 90s and above.

Multidisciplinary Programs

We have several dedicated multidisciplinary programs aimed at understanding and treating disorders that affect older people. These include:

Center for Comprehensive Care and Research on Memory Disorders

The Memory Center uses a comprehensive approach to identify all possible causes of memory loss or behavior change. Our geriatricians collaborate with the University of Chicago Medicine's psychiatry and neurology teams to diagnose and manage memory disorders associated with aging.

Arthritis Care

Older patients with challenging arthritis problems are seen by a UChicago Medicine physician who is board-certified in both geriatric medicine and rheumatology.

Geriatric Oncology

We created our SOCARE clinic (Specialized Oncology Care & Research in the Elderly) to anticipate and address the specific needs of elderly cancer patients and cancer survivors. The SOCARE clinic

Convenient Specialty Care

We provide specialty services at our outpatient facilities, including rheumatology, arthritis care, dermatology, psychiatry, audiology (hearing) screenings, nutrition counseling, fall prevention and more.

Attention to Quality of Life

We emphasize quality of life as a key goal in medical care of the elderly and work closely with patients’ families to offer comprehensive, individualized care for every patient. Our team focuses on a person’s ability to perform basic activities such as eating, dressing walking, shopping and cooking. Those activities can dramatically influence an older person’s overall quality of life and independence.

Sensitivity to End-of-Life Issues

We work tirelessly to preserve each person's comfort and dignity as they approach the end of their life.

Ongoing Research Into Geriatric Health

UChicago Medicine geriatricians are on the leading edge of understanding the unique nature of how health concerns and medical treatment affect the elderly. Our research has been supported by the country’s top age-related research groups, including the National Institute on Aging (NIA), the John A. Hartford Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Retirement Research Foundation, the Greenwall Foundation and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). This support has helped us learn more about how to improve care of older adults with diabetes, cancer, memory disorders including dementia, and other complex health issues that people face as they age.

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