Family Kitchen

Families may use the family kitchen on the sixth floor of Comer Children's to store and/or cook their own food (Room K-686). This kitchen is open 24 hours every day and is free of charge to families.

Other Areas in & around the Hospital

Hours of operation and additional details about food court options:

  • Guest trays: Trays may be purchased from the child's room service menu. Learn more about ordering guest trays.
  • Food court: Seventh floor Sky Lobby in the Center for Care and Discovery (just north of the Comer Children's entrance) and second floor of the Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (across the street directly west of Comer Children's).
  • Cafeteria: Basement of Mitchell Hospital, near the "D" elevators. Mitchell is across the street directly south of Comer Children's.
  • Panera Bread: First floor of Comer Children's
  • Menu books and maps to local restaurants: Available at the unit reception desk
  • Vending machines: Vending machines can be found in the lounge on each floor.