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When you choose UChicago Medicine for mesothelioma treatment, you’ll benefit from our team’s deep experience with this type of cancer, as well as personalized care.

Our mesothelioma experts are leaders in determining the best treatment for this rare disease and have a track record of setting the standard of care. In fact, one of the very first drugs to treat mesothelioma was developed at UChicago Medicine.

That dedication continues to this day. Our physicians are committed to finding the right treatment for each patient based on the stage of cancer, the biological characteristics of the tumor, and the patient's medical history and lifestyle.

Treatment for mesothelioma at UChicago Medicine is almost always a combination of the most effective methods, including surgery, intravenous systemic chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC), and other targeted therapies. Here’s what your physician team may recommend.


New treatment options for mesothelioma

A top goal for UChicago Medicine physicians-scientists is to identify and develop treatment regimens that improve the quality of life for people with mesothelioma.

In the past, most cancer science focused on common forms of the disease. However, as we learn more about how existing cancer treatments can precisely target mesothelioma cells in laboratory testing, more mesothelioma patients are being included in clinical cancer trials.

Patients receiving mesothelioma treatment at UChicago Medicine can access many national cancer trials. Your doctors can help you determine if a mesothelioma clinical trial is right for you.

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Participate in a Clinical Trial

Our physician-scientists are actively conducting clinical trials of new therapies for mesothelioma.