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Colonoscopy is associated with a reduced risk of developing colon cancer by identifying and removing colon polyps that can grow over time.

The effectiveness of a colonoscopy depends on how thoroughly the bowel is cleansed before the procedure. The better the bowel preparation, the higher chance the endoscopist can identify and remove polyps, which reduces the risk of future colon cancer.

Patients at River East and Tinley Park

Gastroenterologists from UChicago Medicine perform colonoscopies at outpatient surgery facilities in Tinley Park and River East to provide convenient care close to where you live.

What to expect:

At these facilities, we have partnered with independent anesthesia groups for patient care and comfort. In some cases, a patient may receive a separate bill from the anesthesia group based on their insurance. For questions about billing, reach out to your insurance provider for specifics.

Bowel Prep Instructions

Please follow the bowel preparation instructions — provided below in English, Spanish and Arabic — as indicated by your doctor.




Chinese (simple)


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