Virtual Care at at UChicago Medicine

Patient holding baby looking at video visit with a doctor on her computer screen

Telemedicine: Virtual Care at UChicago Medicine

Our virtual care services provide patients with easy access to our expert doctors from the convenience of home. Using the latest digital technologies and innovations to deliver care we can extend world-renowned care to your doorstep.

Video Appointments

Through video visits, you can save time traveling to and waiting in the doctor's office by video conferencing with your doctor instead. It is a quick, convenient way to communicate with medical professionals contributing to your care. 

To schedule a virtual visit, please call 1-888-824-0200 or schedule an appointment online.

Online Second Opinions

Whether you are facing a complex health issue or difficult treatment decision, getting a second opinion can help you make an informed decision about your care. With our online second opinion service, you can receive a second opinion from UChicago Medicine experts without having to leave home.

E-Visits: Online, Same-day Diagnosis and Treatment

Complete an online questionnaire (e-visit) through your MyChart account to get a same-day diagnosis and a treatment plan from UChicago Medicine clinicians for common conditions.

Within one business day after you submit your completed questionnaire, your responses will be reviewed, and one of our clinicians will communicate with you via the secure MyChart Med Advice Message service.