Losing weight can be a daunting process, especially for men with busy lives. But at the Men’s Wellness Clinic, we can provide the tools and support you need to be successful.

Our team can help you on your weight loss journey by connecting you with experts who can provide:

We meet you exactly where you are. Our experts take time to get to know you and your goals. We want to understand how factors like your work schedule, household and activities influence your food choices.

Together, we work with you to set attainable goals and establish new habits that you can do every day without feeling deprived. We also make it a priority to help you focus on lasting changes that will help you sustain your success.

Expert Help for Difficult Weight Loss

For men who are overweight or obese who are interested in weight loss medications, we can refer you to experts at the Chicago Weight team. If you have been overweight or obese for most of your life, we can also give you a referral for genetic testing, which can provide insights into the cause of your weight issues.

For men with a BMI of 40 and higher, or a BMI of 35 and higher with two obesity-related conditions like diabetes or sleep apnea, we can refer you to a bariatric surgeon, if you are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

No single diet works for everyone. The best diet for you is one that fits your lifestyle and goals.

Even a weight loss of just 5% to 10% of your body weight can help you improve your blood pressure, blood sugar and even your sexual function.

At the Men’s Wellness Clinic, we can help you set realistic goals so you can continue to lose weight and stay motivated.

A realistic goal is to lose one to two pounds a week. Over time, this results in significant changes without leaving you feeling deprived. However, it’s important to remember that not everyone has the same results. Some men may lose more, some men may lose less. It’s also common for men to lose more weight at the beginning of their diet, and then gradually lose less as they continue their diet.

If you take a weight loss medication, you may see faster weight loss results.

Exercise is a powerful tool to reduce stress. Optimizing your sleep is also helpful.

Some men may also benefit from counseling to manage their stress. At the Men’s Wellness Clinic, we can put you in touch with a counselor so you can find better strategies for dealing with stress.

A ketogenic diet means you eat fewer than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day to stay in ketosis, a state in which your body must use fat as an energy source.

A keto diet is restrictive, hard to maintain and not the only diet that can help you lose weight. However, if you are interested in doing a keto diet, a registered dietitian can help you decide if it’s right for you and how to get started safely.

Some types of intermittent fasting can help people reduce their caloric intake so they lose weight. Alternate day fasting involves consuming a very low amount of calories on one day, and then eating normally the following day. Another option called time-restricted eating, the most popular form of intermittent fasting, involves eating within a specific window each day, such as between noon and 8 pm.

Unfortunately, no. The key to losing weight is burning more calories than you take in. But this doesn’t require anything extreme. We can work with you to reduce your caloric intake without leaving you feeling unsatisfied. Often, small changes like reducing your soda or alcohol intake can make a big difference in your weight.

If you lose a lot of weight, you will probably lose some muscle as well. But we can help you find ways to preserve your muscle. Eating more protein and doing strength training at least twice a week can help you maintain your muscle mass.

Many patients say that losing weight improves their sex life. Even if eating healthier and adding exercise doesn’t lead to significant weight loss, it can affect your body composition, so you have less fat and more muscle. This can affect how you look and improve your confidence. Losing weight also might help you sleep better so you have more energy.

Physical Therapist

Sarah Macaraeg, PT, DPT, OCS, WCS

Registered Dietitian

Jennifer Martin, MS, RD, LDN, CDCES

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