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Our goal is to develop more effective and specific treatments and, ultimately, to prevent and cure inflammatory bowel disease.

At the University of Chicago Medicine, clinical practice and medical research form a seamless circle that leads to better diagnoses, better treatment and better outcomes for our patients. Our providers are also investigators, working to identify the causes and understand the mechanisms of inflammatory bowel disease. In addition, our research scientists are active partners in care who collaborate with physicians to solve the complex problems that our patients face. As a result, patients receive the best, most advanced care possible. This also ensures that our clinical trials contribute to emerging trends and changes in IBD, rather than an individual researcher's interests.

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The UChicago Medicine Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center has a legacy of over 85 years of leadership in the investigation of new treatments for inflammatory bowel disease. These discoveries were made possible through the contributions of patients, friends and family members who provided additional funds for advanced clinical and laboratory research. Please consider supporting the IBD Center's important mission. Make a gift.

Current IBD Clinical Trials

As one of only a limited number of research centers in the country testing new IBD treatments, UChicago Medicine offers a variety of clinical trial therapies — the most advanced treatments available — at the earliest possible time in patients' care. Some of our current studies focus on:

  • Disparities in digestive diseases delivery of care
  • Novel therapies in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
  • The utility of chromoendoscopy in ulcerative colitis surveillance
  • The role of the microbiome in IBD pathogenesis

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