The University of Chicago Medicine is one of a few hospitals using fractional flow reserve derived from CT (FFRCT), a new, advanced technology that provides detailed information about your heart and how blood flows through your arteries.


FFRCT identifies exactly where low blood flow exists and indicates how severe the blockage may be. The orange and red demonstrates that there is less than 75% blood flow to the artery.

FFRCT integrates with our existing imaging system, allowing us to upload a CT scan to receive breakthrough analysis on your coronary artery disease risk. If your cardiac CT results indicate a blockage in your arteries, FFRCT will further examine your scan to determine if the blockage is significant enough to reduce the amount of blood flowing through it without requiring invasive catheterization procedures to diagnoses your condition.


Because the heart can overcome less severe blockages with medication, we use FFRCT to accurately classify the blockage so that our cardiologists, cardiology interventionists and cardiac surgeons can use this data to decide the treatment plan that best suits you.


What are the benefits of FFRCT?


FFRCT can enhance diagnosis for patients with (or at risk of) coronary artery disease, offering personalized care for coronary artery disease, with benefits including:

  • Delivers unparalleled visibility of any blockages in the arteries
  • Accurately identifies coronary artery disease earlier in the cycle to limit risk of heart attack and prevent further disease
  • Proactively avoids unnecessary catheterization procedures to diagnose coronary artery disease
  • Provides first-rate diagnostic data that help dictate personalize treatment plans for each patient

Who is a candidate for FFRCT?


Because FFRCT is used to determine how severe blockages in your heart may be, this technology is currently only available for patients at risk for coronary artery disease. The ideal FFRCT patient is someone who has undergone a cardiac CT scan, and one or more blockages have been detected in their heart. For these patients, we use FFRCT to review the scan and deliver a highly accurate assessment of the severity of any blockages/heart disease.

Cardiac CT at UChicago Medicine

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